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AS13000 - Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers

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Document Number: AS13000
Project Initiation: 07-10-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Olivier Castets
Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers
A standard for “problem solving” to be mandated through aero-engine companies requirements for their suppliers (including training requirements). The standard will be used by suppliers to respond to customer requests for corrective action.
Aero-engine companies currently have their own requirements for problem solving which are very similar. A single standard would be more efficient for suppliers. There is no single standard for problem solving however 8D is the most popular and effective approach and therefore we have used it as a basis. The purpose of the prolem solving document is to implement an agreed standard problem solving process for aero engine companies suppliers that is effective in resolving customer problems. 8D is a widely used and effective problem solving process and there are already many practionners and training providers that can support skills development.
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