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AS20708B - Synchros, General Specification For

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Document Number: AS20708B
Project Initiation: 01-16-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
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Synchros, General Specification For
This specification relates to Synchros, 60 and 400 Hz. It is not complete in itself, but shall be used in conjunction with MIL-S-81963, in which the latter shall be recognized as forming an inherent part of this specification. This standard requires a Qualified Products List.
The discontinued use by manufacturers of "GO" gages for inspection of splines, requires an update to inspection in 3.4.4. An error in paragraph numbering. An obsolete document P/N reference in the figure notes (“MS17182-1” R/B “SAE AS25036-148”). The related updates to the “Index”.
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