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AS5994A - Pump Units, Hydraulic, Electric Motor Driven, Variable Delivery

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Document Number: AS5994A
Project Initiation: 08-28-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Robert L. Hastings
Pump Units, Hydraulic, Electric Motor Driven, Variable Delivery
This specification establishes the common requirements for variable delivery electric motor driven, hydraulic pump units, suitable for use in aircraft hydraulic systems.
The power sources committee voted during the May 2013 meeting to stabilize this document since AS595 and AS19692 contained the required information on comercial and military pumps. For electric motors, SAE specifications have not been kept up to date and all the motor specifications referenced in this spec are out of date with no replacements. It was determined that information used in this specification is stable and therefore stabilization of the document was recommended.
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