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AS6263 - Bleed Air Contamination Limits for Safety, Health, and Comfort of Aircraft Occupants

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Document Number: AS6263
Project Initiation: 08-15-2012
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Richard B. Fox
Bleed Air Contamination Limits for Safety, Health, and Comfort of Aircraft Occupants
This standard provides contaminant limits for aircraft engine and APU bleed air compounds that are surrogates for the range of compounds that may be present in bleed air. The surrogate compound limits will provide users of the standard a measure for determining suitability of bleed air purity for aircraft occupant safety, health and comfort. This document provides guidance for assessing multiple contaminants when present together in bleed air. The contaminant limits in this standard are applicable for engine qualification process on engine test beds and flying test bed aircraft, and for criteria to assess bleed air purity of operational aircraft.
Types of contaminants in bleed air are generally limited to materials that are ingested by an engine or introduced internally to an engine. Aircraft cabin air may have contaminants that may not be present in bleed air. Additional cabin sources include aircraft interior finish, and occupants. Bleed air requirements exist for demonstration of safety of flight, but not for determination of adequacy with respect to long-term safety and health, and occupant comfort. A standard that provides specific guidance for suitable bleed air contaminant marker compounds, is needed to aid in the assessment of bleed air supplies with respect to lower levels of contamination that would provide a greater operational margin for long term safety and health, and for comfort. The bleed air standard will identify marker compounds that system designers should consider in the development of early warning capabilities, such as predictive trend monitoring, to enable early maintenance action prior to system failure.
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