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AS6853 - Aerospace – Descriptions of Military Thrust Vectoring Flight Control Systems

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Document Number: AS6853
Project Initiation: 10-01-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Keith Wooddell
Aerospace – Descriptions of Military Thrust Vectoring Flight Control Systems
This Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides information on the thrust vectoring flight control systems incorporated on various aircraft development programs and production military aircraft. This report includes V/STOL aircraft thrust vector applications in addition to recommendations for use of thrust vectoring for the improvement of low speed maneuverability in conventional aircraft. Descriptions of each aircraft are provided along with a summary of the thrust vector control system, and, mechanical design methodologies used. Block diagrams, system schematics, and, several system level components are presented.
This document is published for the following reasons: a. Addresses the need for recording thrust vector control system development and evolution as a source of information for aircraft manufacturers, who specify this type of equipment, and, as a record for future suppliers developing designs for aircraft manufacturers. b. This document provides a general overview of thrust vectoring and a summary of the developments on several aircraft platforms for use as a guideline for future design efforts.
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