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AS755F - Aircraft Propulsion System Performance Station Designation and Nomenclature

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Document Number: AS755F
Project Initiation: 03-27-2014
Project Number: AS755F
Revision Number: F
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Aircraft Propulsion System Performance Station Designation and Nomenclature
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) provides performance station designation and nomenclature systems for aircraft propulsion systems and their derivatives. The systems presented herein are for use in all communications concerning propulsion system performance such as computer programs, data reduction, design activities, and published documents. They are intended to facilitate calculations by the program user without unduly restricting the method of calculation used by the program supplier. The list of symbols presented herein will be used for identification of input and output parameters. These symbols are not required to be used as internal parameter names within the engine subprogram.
Aircraft propulsion technology continues to evolve and advance to meet changing requirements and challenges for improved performance and capabilities. This continuing evolution leads to a growing complexity of station numbering schemes, which are presented in AS755. An industry desire to expand nomenclature descriptions has also evolved. To facilitate future expansion of these standards, a decision has been made to divide the “station numbering” and “nomenclature” contents of AS755 into separate documents. AS755 will continue to maintain standards for station numbering. A new SAE Aerospace Standard, AS6502, is being created to maintain standards for nomenclature moving forward. Both documents will continue to be revised and expanded as industry needs dictate.
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