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EIA-649-1 - Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts

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Document Number: EIA-649-1
Project Initiation: 11-07-2013
Project Number: EIA-649-1
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Daniel Kenneth Christensen
Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts
This document defines configuration management requirements which are to be applied, based on program needs, in contracts with suppliers for products and/or their designs during the contract period of any CI which meets the following criteria: a. Developed wholly or in part with Acquirer funds, including non-developmental items when the development of technical data is required to support the products or services being acquired or b. Designated for configuration management for reason of integration, logistics support or interface controls.
This is a defense unique standard to the non-government standard, “ANSI/EIA-649B Configuration Management Standard”, that generates, manages and is controlled by the non-government standard body with Defense membership to provide requirements specific for Defense contracts
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