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J2714 - Direct Injection Gasoline Pump

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Document Number: J2714
Project Initiation: 04-23-2013
Sponsor Name: Mike Wene
Direct Injection Gasoline Pump
The scope of this Recommended Practice is limited to gasoline fuel pumps used in automotive direct fuel injection systems. It is primarily restricted to bench tests. This SAE Recommended Practice also defines the minimum design verification testing that is recommended to verify the suitability of Direct Injection Gasoline (GDI) High Pressure fuel pumps used for pumping gasoline or gasoline blend fuels. Additional tests not specified in SAE J2714 will be required for non-automotive pump applications or pumps, such as those intended for use on aircraft, motorcycles, or marine equipment. Except where stated, test results are recorded for individual parts under recommended test conditions. Where population characteristics are reported, the sample size, selection method, and statistical analysis technique must be explicitly stated.
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