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J2870 - Standard Practice on Labeling of non-tempered vehicle windows

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Document Number: J2870
Project Initiation: 08-14-2008
Sponsor Name: Mark P. Gold
Standard Practice on Labeling of non-tempered vehicle windows
Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly specifying the use of glazing systems for side, rear, and roof applications in passenger vehicles that are other than the tempered glass minimally required by FMVSS205 and ANSI/SAE Z26.1. These alternative specifications are often met by the use of either laminated or plastic glazing. The reasons for this specification can be as varied as the desire to provide improved acoustical benefits within the vehicle, providing styling enhancements, or adding penetration resistance at these glazings locations. Because these non-windshield vehicle glazing locations have traditionally utilized tempered glass, the substitution of laminated or plastic glazings should be made readily apparent to emergency response personnel who need to quickly gain access to the interior of the vehicle by penetrating or removing these glazings.
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