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J2944 - Driving Performance Definitions

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Document Number: J2944
Project Initiation: 05-12-2010
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Driving Performance Definitions
The purpose of this Recommended Practice is to define terms concerned with the measurement of driver performance, where on-road driving is the primary task. These terms appear in standards, journal articles, proceedings papers, technical reports, and presentations. Currently, only measures pertaining to lateral and longitudinal control of a road vehicle are included. Measures of event detection, visual performance, occlusion, physiological response, secondary task performance, subjective assessment, and situation awareness are either covered elsewhere or will be covered in future versions. This standard is applicable to studies of production and aftermarket wheeled road vehicles (passenger vehicles, heavy trucks and buses). Those studies may be conducted on public and private roads, test tracks, or in driving simulators. For agricultural, construction or industrial equipment, or military vehicles, this standard only applies when they are driven on-road, not off-road. Motorcycles and mopeds are excluded from scope because they lack a steering wheel and foot-operated throttle, and tracked vehicles are excluded for now to avoid complicating the development of lane-related measures. The measures defined in this document are most likely to be used in safety and/or usability assessments of (1) telematics systems (e.g., navigation systems, in-vehicle cell phones), (2) driver assistance systems (e.g., adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, collision warning), (3) fitness to drive/licensing, (4) drugs and medications use by drivers, and (5) for other purposes.
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