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J3043 - Ambulance Equipment Mounts

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Document Number: J3043
Project Initiation: 05-15-2013
Sponsor Name: J. Lackore
Ambulance Equipment Mounts
This SAE Recommended Practice describes the dynamic and static testing procedures required to evaluate the integrity of an equipment mount device or system when exposed to a frontal or side impact (i.e. a crash impact). Its purpose is to provide equipment manufacturers, ambulance builders, and end-users with testing procedures and, where appropriate, acceptance criteria that, to a great extent, ensure equipment mounts meet the same performance criteria across the industry. Unless otherwise directed by the ambulance builders or the end-users, prospective equipment mount manufacturers or vendors have the option of performing either dynamic testing or static testing. Descriptions of the test set-up, test instrumentation, photographic/video coverage, text fixture, and performance metrics are included.
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