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J3058 - Ambulance Interior Storage Compartment Integrity

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Document Number: J3058
Project Initiation: 11-18-2013
Sponsor Name: J. Lackore
Ambulance Interior Storage Compartment Integrity
SCOPE – This SAE Recommended Practice describes the dynamic and static testing procedures required to evaluate the integrity of the cabinets, drawers, and miscellaneous patient compartment interior storage compartments when exposed to a frontal or side impact (i.e. a crash impact). Its purpose is to provide compartment manufacturers, latch and hinge manufacturers, ambulance builders, and end-users with testing procedures and, where appropriate, acceptance criteria that, to a great extent, ensure equipment and supplies stowed in cabinets, drawers, or other interior compartments remain in place during a crash event while meeting the same performance criteria across the industry. Prospective manufacturers or vendors have the option of performing either dynamic testing or static testing. Descriptions of the test set-up, test instrumentation, photographic/video coverage, test fixture, and performance metrics are included.
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