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J917 - Marine Push-Pull Control Cables

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Document Number: J917
Project Initiation: 02-02-2011
Sponsor Name: Pete Chisholm
Marine Push-Pull Control Cables
This SAE Standard covers dimensions, performance parameters and nomenclature of a push-pull control cable used in inboard marine throttle and shift applications. 1.1 Purpose The flexible push-pull cable is a common motion transfer device for the remote operation of the throttle and/or shift levers on marine propulsion units. Satisfactory function of remote controls deĀ¬pend upon proper selection of control cable and providing adequate connection to the propulsion unit. This standard, therefore, establishes nomenclature, dimensions, performance classification and installation recommendations for marine push- pull control cables. 1.2 General The conventional marine push-pull cable is a mechanism in which an inner member is supported and guided by a conduit. Efficiency decreases with each additional bend in the cable path. Both ends of both elements must be securely connected if the cable is to operate properly.
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