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ISO TC22 SC19 USTAG Wheels

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title
IS16833 Road vehicles -- Wheels -- Measurement of radial and lateral run-out
IS3894 Road vehicles -- Wheels/rims for commercial vehicles -- Test methods
IS3006 Road vehicles -- Passenger car wheels -- Test method
IS3911 Wheels and rims for pneumatic tyres -- Vocabulary, designation and marking
IS7575 Commercial road vehicles -- Flat attachment wheel fixing nuts
IS13988 Passenger vehicle wheels -- Clip balance weight and rim flange nomenclature, test procedures and performance requirements
IS14400 Road vehicles -- Wheels and rims -- Use, general maintenance and safety requirements and out-of-service conditions
IS15172 Road vehicles--Wheels--Nut seat strength tests
IS7141 Road vehicles--Light alloy wheels--Impact test
IS13288 Road vehicle--Wheels--Biaxial fatigue test method
IS10597 Road vehicles--Flat attachment fixing nuts for commercial vehicles -- Test methods
IS4107 Commercial vehicles--Wheel-hub attachment dimensions