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TC22 SC4 USAG Trailer

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title
IS11154 Road vehicles -- Roof load carriers
IS7642 Caravans and light trailers -- Trailers of categories 01 and 02 with overrun brakes -- Inertia bench test methods for brakes
IS10061 Road vehicles -- Trailers, including caravans -- Height of coupling head
IS7643 Road vehicles -- Caravans and light trailers -- Bench test methods for brake controls for inertia braked trailers of categories 01 and 02
IS1103 Road vehicles -- Coupling balls for caravans and light trailers -- Dimensions
IS18207 Road vehicles -- Trailers up to 3,5 t -- Control of welded towing brackets for coupling ball after fatigue testing
IS7641-1 Road vehicles -- Caravans and light trailers -- Calculation of the mechanical strength of the drawbar -- Part 1: Steel drawbars
IS3853 Road vehicles -- Towing vehicle coupling device to tow caravans or light trailers -- Mechanical strength test
IS2815 Towing Devices - Safety Devices
IS2814 Trailers up to 3.5T - Calculation of the Mechanical Strength of the drawbard - Part 1 Steel Drawers
IS4114 Road Vehicles - Caravans and light trailers - Static load on ball couplings
IS11555-1 Road Vehicles - Stabilizing devices for caravans and light trailers Part 1 Integrated stabilizers
IS12385 Road vehicles — Safety devices of trailers up to 1,5t — Secondary couplings
N3063 Trailers - Electronic stabilisation systems for trailers up to 3.5 t - Requirements
N3255 Road vehicles - Caravans and light trailers up to 3,5t - Unified provisions for fatigue testing on coupling devices
IS7237 Caravans -- Masses and dimensions – Vocabulary