Call for Standards Technical Committee Volunteers

The SAE Active Safety Technical Committee is actively seeking members for three working groups. The following new, additional working groups are needed to address some immediate high-priority committee topics. They include:
  • Definitions & Terms Workgroup to focus on review of existing industry glossary documents (ISO, other SAE committees, Regulations, Consumer Metrics, etc), identifying which existing terms & definitions could be adopted by AS3 committee, and what additional terms and definitions may need to be established by the AS3 committee.
  • CIB/AEB Workgroup to focus on review of available test procedures, surrogate targets and performance requirements, identifying which existing methods could be adopted by AS3 committee, and what additional test methods or equipment may need further definition or agreement among the AS3 committee.
  • Sensor Fusion Workgroup to focus on defining performance level capabilities for active safety systems based on the sensing system combinations selected. Also includes identifying the types of test methods/scenarios that are applicable to different sensing technologies.

Details regarding upcoming meetings can be found on the SAE Standards Work site.

If you possess technical expertise as related to the scope of this committee, please contact SAE International.