SAE Aerospace Technical Committees

The activities of the SAE Aerospace technical standards development program are guided by the SAE Aerospace Council through its eight divisions and their more than 250 technical committees, subcommittees and work groups. Read more about any committee's scope, standards/document and works-in-progress:

I.Aerospace General Projects Division
Safety Assessment for Airborne Systems and Equipment, Committee S-18
Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology (ABET), Committee G-10
Human Modeling Technology and Standards, Committee G-13
American Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG), Committee G-14
Global Aviation Fuel Operations, Committee G-16
Human Factors in Aerospace Maintenance, Committee G-17
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Aerospace Applications, Committee G-18

II.Aircraft Division
Aircraft Instruments, Committee A-4
Aerospace Landing Gear Systems Committee, Committee A-5
Aircraft Oxygen Equipment, Committee A-10
Aircraft Lighting, Committee A-20
Aircraft Noise, Committee A-21
Aircraft Environmental Systems, Committee AC-9
Aircraft Icing Technology, Sub-Committee AC-9C
Flight Deck and Handling Qualities Standards for Aircraft, Committee S-7
Cabin Safety Provisions, Committee S-9
Airframe Control Bearings Group, Committee ACBG
Aircraft Seats, Committee SEAT

III.Aerospace Electronics & Electrical Systems Division
Lightning Committee, AE-2
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), Committee AE-4
Aerospace Electrical Power and Equipment, Committee AE-7
Aerospace Electrical/Electronic Distribution Systems, Committee AE-8
Electrical Wiring and Fiber Optic Interconnect Systems Installation Subcommittee AE-8A
Protective Devices Subcommittee, AE-8B1
Switches Subcommittee, AE-8B2
Relays Subcommittee, AE-8B3
Connectors Subcommittee, AE-8C1
Terminating Devices Subcommittee, AE-8C2
Wire and Cable Subcommittee, AE-8D

IV.Aerospace Mechanical & Fluid Systems Division
Aerospace Actuation, Control, and Fluid Power Systems, Committee A-6
Aerospace Fuel, Oil and Oxidizer Systems, Committee AE-5
Aerospace Fittings, Couplings, Hose and Tubing Assemblies, Committee G-3

V.Aerospace Avionic Systems Division
Aircraft Systems & Systems Integration, AS-1
Embedded Computing Systems, AS-2
Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics, AS-3
Unmanned Systems, AS-4

VI.Aerospace Propulsion Division
Engine Accessory Installations Committee AE-1
Starting Systems and Auxiliary Power, Committee AE-6
General Standards for Aerospace and Propulsion Systems, Committee E-25
Propulsion Ignition Systems, Committee E-30
Aircraft Exhaust Emission Measurements Committee E-31
Engine Conditioning Monitoring Committee E-32
In-Flight Propulsion Measurement Committee E-33
Propulsion Economics for Acqusition and Ownership, Committee E-35
Electronic Engine Controls, Committee E-36
Aerospace Propulsion Systems Support Equipment, Committee EG-1
Helicopter Powerplant, Committee S-12
Engine Performance Presentation for Electronic Digital Computers, Committee S-15
Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion, Committee S-16

VII.Aerospace Materials Division
Metals Group
    Processes, Committee B
    Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper, Committee D
    Carbon and Low Alloy Steels, Committee E
    Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloys, Committee F
    Titanium and Refractory Alloys, Committee G
    Aerospace Metals Engineering Committee, AMEC
NonDestructive Testing Group, Committee K
Non-Metals Group
    Elastomers, Committee CE
    Organic Coatings, Committee G-8
    Sealants, Committee G-9
    Aircraft Maintenance Chemicals and Materials, Committee J
    Polymers and Composites, Committee P
    Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee, CACRC
    Greases, Committee M

VIII.Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability, and Logistics Division (G-11)

IX.Airport/Ground Operations and Equipment Division
    Air Cargo and Aircraft Ground Equipment and Systems Committee AGE-2
    Aircraft Ground Deicing, Committee G-12
    Airport Snow & Ice Control Equipment, Committee G-15


Aerospace Council Organization Chart*

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