Staff Contacts

Aerospace - Organization chart
TechnologyStaff ContactEmail
Aerospace CouncilKerri
Aerospace General Projects System GroupKeely
Airport/Ground Operations & Equipment Systems GroupKeely
Aircraft Systems Group (minus A-4 Committee)Maureen
A-4 Aircraft Instruments CommitteeKeely
Aerospace Electronics & Electrical Systems GroupDorothy
A-6 Aerospace Actuation Control & Fluid Power Systems CommitteeDorothy
AE-5 Aerospace Fuel, Oil and Oxidizer Systems CommitteeDorothy
G-3 Aerospace Couplings, Fittings, Hose and Tubing Assemblies CommitteeKeely
Aerospace Avionic Systems GroupDorothy
G-11 Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability and Logistics Systems GroupDonna
Aerospace Propulsion Systems GroupDonna
AMS Metals Group (including B, D, E, F, G, AMEC and AMEC-SE)Maureen
AMS CE, Elastomers and AMS P, Polymeric CommitteesKerri
AMS P-17 Composite Materials CommitteeDonna
AMS CACRC Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair CommitteeKeely
AMS G-8, Organic Coatings and AMS G-9, Aerospace Sealing CommitteesKerri
AMS J Aircraft Maintenance Chemicals & Materials CommitteeDonna
AMS M Aerospace Greases CommitteeDonna
AMS K Non-destructive Methods & Processes CommitteeDonna
Americas Aerospace Quality GroupBecky
Registration Management CommitteeBecky

Ground Vehicle - Organization chart
TechnologyStaff ContactEmail
Construction, Agricultural & Off-Road Machinery CouncilJill
Fuels & Lubricants CouncilRoxanne
Materials, Processes & Parts CouncilJill
Specialized Vehicle & Equipment CouncilJill
Truck & Bus CouncilJana
Motor Vehicle CouncilJack Pokrzywa
Mary Doyle
Chassis Systems GroupJana
Electrical Systems GroupLorie
Lighting GroupNikki
Electrified Powertrain GroupPatricia
Service Development Steering CommitteeRoxanne
Vehicle Engineering Systems GroupRoxanne
CRP - Refrigerants/Fuel CellsGary