Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary Support Page

This page contains links to supporting information for messages, applications, and regional deployments that use the

SAE J2735™ Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary

The authoritative copy of the ASN.1 and XML schemas of these message set documents is freely available download here as a text file. These files contain SAE copyrighted materials. The MD5 hash code for each file is also shown.

In order to successfully understand, develop, or use the message set it is essential to also obtain a copy of the message set standard document itself with the English language descriptions of the data concepts. Not all normative information is found in the ASN.1 or XML code.

The SAE J2735 standard comprises a complete list of all dialogs (messages exchanges), messages, data frames (complex elements), and data elements (atomic elements) which are used in the message set. The full ASN.1 of every message is contained in it, as well as explanatory usage text required to properly understand and implement that message. Because manual entry of such data is often prone to human error, the SAE provides this page as a courtesy to deployments.

Typically the SAE J2735 standard is used as part of a broader group of related standards which is being used in a regional deployment. The term regional in this context typically means one or more countries. Often the standard is "profiled" to add any additional required content needed by that region and linked to other ASN.1 modules. In the SAE work, this is done in the related J2945.x family of documents. This process uses a systems engineering process, combined with various agreed upon rules for extensibility that have been developed by the various standards developing organizations over the years. The complete set of related ASN.1 is then considered a normative package for that regional deployment. ASN.1 encoded content meeting the regional definition is expected to interoperate correctly in that region. [Other Regions can submit their definition packages to be published here; please contact SAE below]

Region NameDescription
USA RegionThe current normative SAE J2735 standard, as well as past editions and supporting collateral materials
(European Union)
The current normative SPAT MAP message set as defined by the SAE J2735 standard for usage in Region-D (European Union). This includes dedicated usage of some data elements/data frames and extensions used in Region-D.

Those interested in joining the SAE DSRC technical committee can download the SAE Committee Membership Request form and then send the completed form to Standards Specialist Beth Perry at

The committee normally meets, both by phone and in person, on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Various subcommittees also meet at additional times.

SAE welcomes comments on its standard from all parties. Instruction regarding how to submit a comment are found on the first page of each standard.