Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary Support Page

The revised SAE J2735 Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary comprises a complete list of all messages, data frames, and data elements used in the message set. The full ASN.1 and XML of every message is contained in it, as well as, explanatory usage text required to properly understand and implement that message. Messages defined in the standard are used for both Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (the roadside) (V2I) safety exchanges. Informative Annexes explain the operational concepts of several of the safety applications.

Download the ASN.1 specification of the adopted standard.

Download the XML schema of the adopted standard.

Access the XML expressed in html documentation.

At this time the committee is developing additional requirements documents to further refine the use of data dictionary entries when used in specific application areas. The first of these will focus on minimum performance requirements of the Basic Safety Message (BSM) when used in vehicle to vehicle exchanges. As with any draft SAE document, circulation is restricted to committee members only.

Download a useful DSRC Implementation Guide in PDF format.

This document contains detailed examples of how to use the message set and how to construct well formed ASN encodings using a popular ASN1 library tool. The guide contains an educational section for those new to ASN and its encoding methods. A companion software tool that accompanies the guide is available below. This tool is illustrated and its source code explained as a way to leverage the guide examples into working sections of code suitable for reuse.

The Guide Software Tool consists of a general framework in which well-formed DSRC messages can be constructed, read, and validated.

This tool aids in building messages according to the standard and allows reading and validating any of the messages defined in the standard. It serves as an educational tool to allow the exploration of encodings within the message set, as well as, a reference point for those wishing to confirm their own encodings are correct. The complete source code for this tool (developed in C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio) is also available for those who wish to develop it further; contact for further information.

Sets of DSRC example messages which meet the format requirements of the SAE J2735 DSRC Data Dictionary are available for testing and validation use by developers. This download consists of several thousand BER encoded messages, mostly of the Basic Safety Message, but all message types are present. The message set contains both well-formed and ill-formed examples for use.

Those interested in joining the SAE DSRC committee can download the SAE Committee Membership Request form and then send completed form to Standards Specialist, Micheline Brussow at

The committee normally meets, both by phone and in person, on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Various subcommittees also meet at additional times.