Interior Climate Control Standards Committee

Ward Atkinson, Chairperson

The SAE Interior Climate Control Standards Committee has published 31 documents and has an HS-2900 handbook. These documents provide guidelines for technicians for servicing mobile air-conditioning systems and operating refrigerant recycling equipment and apply to automobiles, light trucks and other vehicles with similar R12 systems. The documents are also being balloted for adoption as ISO standards.

The Interior Climate Control Standards Committee has several activities in the area of alternate refrigerants. One of these activities was the forming of an Alternate Refrigerant Symposium held in Phoenix in June 1999 to test out alternate refrigerants such as CO2 and hydrocarbons.

Ward J. Atkinson, Sun Test Engineering, received the 1998 Arch T. Coldwell Cooperative Engineering Medal. He was awarded the medal in recognition of his outstanding leadership of the SAE Interior Climate Control Standards Committee and personal sponsorship of many SAE standards. Mr. Atkinson led the development of OEM and service technologies to conserve refrigerants and prevent the release into the atmosphere of the earth. His actions have allowed SAE to play an important role in protecting consumers and the environment.

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