Call for Interest - Join SAE IDBTM Committee

The ITS Data Bus (IDBTM) Committee of the SAE ITS Division is inviting interested technical experts to join this committee for the completion of the IDBTM family of standards.

The next IDBTM Committee meeting will be held Feb. 21 at the SAE Automotive Headquarters.

Join the committee for the completion of the following documents:

  • SAEJ2366 (IDB-CTM)
    SAEJ2366-1, Physical layer document; (Physical layer subcommittee)
    SAEJ2366-7X, remaining message set documents; (Application layer subcommittee)
    SAEJ2366-7LX, IDB Lexicon document; (Physical layer subcommittee)

  • SAEJ2367, IDB Gateway reference standards document; (New subcommittee)

  • SAEJ2368, IDB Conformance Testing standards; (New subcommittee)

  • SAE J1760, IDB Data Security, Services; (Committee needs new Chair)

For more information about attending the Feb 21 meeting, becoming a committee member and joining the committee mailing list, contact Andrea Mueller 248.273.2457; e-mail: