Cooperative Research Program

Advancement on leading fronts such as regulation, safety, the environment and energy often requires change throughout the mobility supply chain or portions of it. Change creates the need for new designs, systems and standards. For each company affected, this almost certainly means rising--even soaring--investment in the research, design, development, and testing of new products and systems. Where one issue is faced by many like-companies, an economical pathway emerges for joint venture research to study pre-competitive technical areas: the Cooperative Research Program (CRP) of SAE International .

Cooperative Research Program FACT SHEETS

Projects Seeking Participants

Current Projects

  • MAC Refrigerant Blends (MRB CRP)
  • Alternative Refrigerants
  • CRP1234yf Alt Refrigerant Assessment
  • CRP150 Low GWP Alt Refrigerants Assessment
  • High Temperature Battery Study
  • Gage R&R of HPM
  • H2 Fuel Cell Station Breakaways, Hoses, Fittings and Nozzles
  • High Strain Rate Plastics
  • IMAC
  • ITS Projects
  • Ergonomics
  • Federal Highway (FHWY) Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC)
  • Otologic Trauma
  • Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (RESS) Safety
  • EVSE/EV Interoperability
  • Truck Cab Anthropometric Study
  • Emergency Vehicle Lighting
  • Vehicle Sound Level for Pedestrians
  • Plastics Suitable for use with H2


To learn more about current CRP projects or to explore your collaborative research needs, contact the CRP staff at SAE:

Gary Pollak
Program Manager

Kris Siddall
Committee Service

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