Technical Standards Board Officers

Candidate Company Affiliation
James Colson US Army Member-at-Large
John Cristiano University of Michigan - Dearborn Member-at-Large
Peter Foote Cranfield University Member-at-Large
Laura Hitchcock The Boeing Company Member-at-Large
Pascal Joly Airbus Americas TSB Chair
Nand Kochhar Ford Motor Company MVC Chair
John Lenkeit Dynamic Research Inc SVEC Chair
Stan Lew Michelin North America Inc T&B Council Chair
Barbara Maclean The Boeing Company Member-at-Large
Patrick Merfeld Terex Corp ConAg Council Chair
Lou Moreiras Consultant (Retired) MPPC Chair
Chad Peterson Wurth Service Supply Inc Member-at-Large
Andy Pickard Rolls-Royce Corp Aero Council Chair
Arunkumar Sampath Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Member-at-Large
Gregory Saunders US Dept of Defense Member-at-Large
Don Smolenski Evonik Oil Additives F&L Council Chair
Laurie Strom Honeywell Aerospace Member-at-Large
Ron Strong Doerken AG Member-at-Large
Bart Terburg Osram Sylvania Past-Chair
Brad Van Riper Truck-Lite Co Inc Member-at-Large
Emilly Walker General Motors LLC Member-at-Large
Dennis J. Winn Accuride Corporation Member-at-Large: Membership Chair
Richard Wood SOLUS-Solutions & Technologies LLC Member-at-Large
Mark Zachos DG Technologies Member-at-Large