2002 SAE Annual Leadership Seminar

CD #2 Contents

Welcome to the 2002 SAE Annual Leadership Seminar. This CD-Rom contains reference documents for your use as an SAE leader.

The information contained includes presented materials, along with official documentation used by the SAE Board of Directors in governing SAE International. Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat will be needed to view the information.

If you have any questions on any of the information included, please contact the SAE Executive Office at 724-772-4032.


  1. 2002 SAE Presidential/Board Focus Areas
  2. SAE Organization
  3. SAE's Strategic Direction
  4. SAE's Governance Process
  5. SAE's Process Resource Center
  6. SAE Products/Services
  7. Enhancing Technical Excellence - Strategic Initiative

Adobe Acrobat Information

  1. 2001 SAE Board of Directors Bio Book
  2. SAE International Bylaws
  3. 2002 SAE Strategic Plan