AAQG - Americas Aerospace Quality Group

The AAQG is a cooperative organization within the aerospace industry in the Americas (including North, Central and South Americas). Its processes are established in a set of agreed, documented, operational procedures.


  • Establish and maintain a dynamic cooperation based on trust between Americas aerospace companies on initiatives to make significant improvements in quality performance and reductions in cost throughout the value stream.
  • Initial focus is to continuously improve the processes used by the supply chain to consistently deliver high quality products, thereby reducing non-value added activities and costs.


  • Establish commonality of aviation, space and defense quality systems, "as documented" and "as applied"
  • Establish and implement a process of continual improvement to bring initiatives to life
  • Establish methods to share best practices in the aviation, space and defense industry
  • Coordinate initiatives and activities with regulatory/government agencies and other industry Stakeholders
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