AAQG: Registration Management Committee (RMC)

Registration Management Committee (RMC)

The Registration Management Committee (RMC) is a committee of the Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG), which is supported by the SAE Industry Technologies Consortia. This committee was established to manage application of the Aerospace Quality Management Systems (AQMS) in the America's sector for the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) certification scheme.

The RMC consists of aviation, defense and space OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) representatives from the America's sector, one member from each recognized Accreditation Body (AB), three Certification Body (CB) members and recognized industry stakeholder representatives that support the committee.

The RMC is the Americas sector oversight body responsible for recognition of Accreditation Bodies (ABs), Certification Bodies (CBs), Auditor Authentication Bodies (AABs), AQMS training courses and Aerospace Auditors.

The RMC manages the shared ICOP oversight assessment process providing oversight of ABs, CBs, AABs, and the On-line Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS).

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