2017 Annual Report


The Aerospace, Automotive and Commercial Vehicles industries continue to change. This change, along with new and emerging technologies and business practices compels SAE International to move forward, while remaining true to our mission.

As our industries evolve, so does our business.

In 2017, we responded and deepened our programs, products, and services to advance the knowledge essential for a better society through mobility solutions. Our internal focus met these evolving business needs, contributing to numerous successful initiatives for the global mobility engineering industry.

Executive Message

Innovation drives technical and behavioral change within the global mobility industry at an explosive rate. SAE International embraces these changes as the world continues to leverage our global knowledge network. The organization remains focused on our mission, which is to advance the knowledge essential for a better society through mobility solutions. This requires our team to engage with subject-matter experts to ensure products and services are vibrant, innovative, and connected while we produce solutions that anticipate the ever-changing mobility industry. Ongoing success relies on SAE International’s attention to deliver integrated and efficient solutions.

SAE International will continue to foster common technologies that drive our industry, increase digital sharing among vehicles, and redefine collaborative efforts necessary for success. As our expertise evolves from one that is ideally centered on the internal mechanisms of an automobile or airplane to also embrace the larger, connected ecosystem with vehicles at the core, SAE International will transform the global application of these technologies.

Technology has never been as crucial to corporate strategy and decision making as today, and the mobility industry is in the spotlight as we develop common guidance, programs, and platforms that move humanity forward. With the competency to lead and develop mobility technologies, SAE International will continue to address the issues that are critical to this industry and society—autonomous and unmanned vehicles, connectivity, cybersecurity, electrification, powertrain, propulsion, and advanced materials. This competency only reinforces our position as the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering.

In 2017, we responded and deepened our programs, products and services. We also improved our member/customer satisfaction ratings. SAE International grew more than 4 percent with revenues of $92 million ($136 million including affiliates). Ongoing financial success translates to measurable value for our members, the mobility engineering industry, and humanity. We encourage you to review our successes from 2017 and the many contributions made via SAE International, as we lead mobility through innovation.

Douglas Patton
2017 President
SAE International

David L. Schutt, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
SAE International

Core Principles


To advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.


SAE International is the leader in connecting and educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions.


Neutral forums that convene to address society’s mobility needs

The most reliable and comprehensive collection of mobility engineering resources

STEM education and professional development programs that inspire and build mobility’s future workplace

Consensus-based standards to advance quality, safety, and innovation

A global community whose collective wisdom makes mobility safe, clean, and accessible

Affiliated programs, products, and services that add value and encourage innovation