2018 Annual Report

Information Products

Global Product Management Group

Driven by increases in direct sales, aggregator sales, and MOBILUS resellers, SAE’s Global Product Management Group sales resulted in a six-percent increase in total sales in 2018.

Growth was accomplished by implementing new sales roles that sought increased effectiveness in direct sales and resulted in deeper penetration in the academic markets in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The EMEA region continues to develop and the Global Product Management Group added a Reseller Channel Sales Specialist to manage this area. In Italy, SAE partnered with the CARE CRUI Academic Consortium, adding six new university customers and 14 pending trials. A partnership with the Czech ELib Consortia in the Czech Republic added 4 new university customers.

The Global Product Management Group realized the full impact of a new sales role of Reseller Channel Sales Specialist in the APAC region, increasing sales more than six percent and bringing in such new customers as Weichai Power and Taikoo Aircraft Engineering.

Rounding out the reseller market, SAE partnered with IEEE, allowing the organization to sell the SAE eBook package. The Global Product Management Group also finalized an agreement for IHS to resell the SAE MOBILUS platform to a select group of five aerospace accounts in a pilot program. Internationally, SAE MOBILUS resellers increased sales more than eight percent over 2017, bringing in more than $444,000 in new business.

Ground Vehicle Product Group

The Ground Vehicle Product Group set out in 2018 to continue building upon SAE’s core strengths by targeting broad areas where there was strong activity and little opposition. This includes the development of portfolios in the areas of accident reconstruction, automated and connected vehicles, powertrain, and cybersecurity.

The Ground Vehicle Product Group continued to be globally recognized and as the premier organization in the area of standards development, particularly in new technologies that are changing the face and core of mobility. Ground Vehicles successfully launched, and will soon complete, its first joint specification directly with Deutsches Institut für Normung, the German national organization for standards.

The Ground Vehicle Product Group also created the International Smart Mobility Testing Alliance and SAE ITC consortium, which includes entities from Germany and China among its founding partners.

2018 marked the completion of two-and-a-half years of monthly meet-ups in the Silicon Valley with more than 1,000 members. The goal of the meetings has been to change in the way SAE is perceived, appreciated, and embraced by the area’s automotive industry.

Ground Vehicles continued to marry customer and expert input with market research, analytics, internal knowledge and a good helping of instinct to build out portfolios around the Content Series Model. Last year marked the first year of full compliance with that model.

Aerospace Product Group

In addition to regular standards publication, the Aerospace Product Group added 25 new eBook titles, including the new series, So You Want to Design… The online video series, The Visionary’s Take, continued in 2018, with a focus on entrepreneurs in the aerospace world.

Additionally, pilot podcasts and a webinar on cybersecurity and additive manufacturing were met with a very positive response. 

Special emphasis was placed on revising product processes in 2018. Staff from various departments came together to streamline the book production process, aligning methods from various product groups into a single methodology.

Teamwork with Marketing Communications led to more rapid creation and distribution of collateral on new standards, individual titles, and online subscription offerings. This effort will enable the Aerospace Product Group to focus on refining the process of new product offerings, including more agile product development and creation, sales, marketing, and distribution of multimedia products.

The Aerospace Product Group launched a project to redevelop collateral material, such as an additive manufacturing brochure and sector flyers. General Aviation, UAS, and Rotorcraft brochures were developed and a top-level brochure is near production.

The “SAE” prefix was established as the identifier for the first Systems Management Council documents, such as SAE1001 on Systems Engineering.

The Aerospace Product Group partnered with organizations such as Wiley and INCOSE to enhance offerings on systems engineering and cybersecurity.



For direct sales, 2018 saw the addition of 184 new customers to the SAE MOBILUS platform, creating more than $523,000 in new revenue. Significant progress was made this year with technology companies as SAE secured MOBILUS agreements with Tesla and Intel.

Global Product Management Sales is well positioned to continue adding customers to the SAE MOBILUS platform in 2019 with a focus on direct sales to automotive technology companies, sales expansion in the EMEA region, and increased partnership with IEEE and IHS. Global Product Management Sales will continue its conversations with Uber across its Air, Passenger Car, and Scooter divisions.

On the direct sales academic side, MOBILUS secured such new customers as Princeton University, University of Massachusetts, Syracuse University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Alabama. The SAE Automated and Connected Vehicle Systems Testing Symposium was hosted by Clemson University in South Carolina in June.

Content Management

Throughout the year, Content Management focused on improving process operations and realigning the unit’s internal structure to meet the future needs of SAE International. This included implementing new workflows, streamlining processes, and improving design templates across all product lines, including SAE Edge™. The improvements eliminated much duplicative work. In one instance, Content Management reduced a five-step process to a single process.

Content Management’s Information Discovery Group managed SAE’s metadata and implemented taxonomy updates. One of the improvements was an online editing function for authors that streamlines the writing and editing process. The improvements minimize security risks and enables authors to optimize the “E-First” concept, which is critically important for the academic and credibility phase of publishing.

Content Management also began producing all products in four-color. This was part of an effort to “family” SAE publications, creating a homogenous look for SAE content. This effort makes SAE content more appealing to the non-engineering markets, such as the legal and medical fields and the insurance industry.

Internally, Content Management moved to a lead system in which there is a single point of contact for each of SAE’s 15 product lines.

Content Management cataloged 30,000 intellectual property assets across books, journals and technical papers in 2018. The group generated $120,000 in revenue through republication of IP assets, and experienced 10-percent growth in overall products developed and produced. It was a year in which Content Management oversaw production of:

  • 33 new journals;
  • 46 new books;
  • 1,918 technical papers;
  • More than 2,000 standards/updates;
  • 15 translations into 8 languages; and
  • 550 PD handouts and books.