About SAE International

We are the leader in connecting and educating engineers while promoting, developing and advancing aerospace, commercial vehicle and automotive engineering.

Call for Nominations - Slate of Nominees

The Executive Nominating Committee invites SAE International members to submit names for consideration for the Board of Directors, Slate of Nominees.

Key qualifications of SAE Board members include: a demonstrated, strong commitment and knowledge of the SAE Vision and Ends; active membership and participation in the Society; and the time and talents to serve in a leadership role.

Qualified, diverse and visionary individuals are being sought for the following offices:

  • President (one-year term)
  • Sector Vice Presidents—Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle (three-year term, plus one as director)
  • Treasurer (two-year term)
  • Director (four-year term)

President: Nomination Form and Appendix

Sector Vice Presidents: Nomination Form

Treasurer: Nomination Form, Appendix

Directors: Nomination Form and Appendix

For questions/comments contact Gregory L. Bradley, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Secretary—by phone 724-772-7159 or email encnominations@sae.org.

Nominations may be submitted at any time via email encnominations@sae.org or fax 724-776-0790.