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Content Policy and Code of Conduct

The website provided by SAE International ("SAE"), including but not limited to SAE Video and the SAE Community (collectively, "SAE Services"), is open to all points of view on intended business- and professional-related topics. Please interact with other users respectfully, as you would in any professional arena. If you disagree with the statements of another user, it is acceptable to engage in polite, mature debate. Name-calling, personal attacks, harassment, and other aggressive postings or behavior are not allowed.

Rules and Etiquette

The following content and conduct are not allowed in the SAE Services, and are cause for suspension or termination without prior notice. Your posts, uploads or other communications that include the following content or reflect prohibited conduct, as described below, may be subject to removal. By accessing or participating in the SAE Services, you understand and agree not to engage in, encourage, or otherwise support any of the following:

1. Illegal or fraudulent activity or any harm to the SAE Services or it users. You agree not to engage in, promote, or advocate any illegal activity or fraudulent schemes of any kind.

  • Do not submit content that you know is false, inaccurate, libelous, or otherwise misleading in any way, and do not mislead users or others regarding the origin of posted content.
  • Do not submit content that contains any computer viruses, worms, or other potentially damaging computer programs or files.
  • Do not intentionally impersonate or misrepresent your business or qualifications.
  • Do not post or transmit material that you do not have the right to post or transmit under law (such as copyright, trade secret or securities) or due to your personal contractual or fiduciary relationships.
  • Do not use the SAE Services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair SAE's servers or networks, or interfere with any other user's use and enjoyment of the SAE Services.
  • Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any services, screen names, computer systems or networks, through hacking, password mining or any other means. SAE reserves the right to enlist any legal and/or technical remedies necessary to prevent the violation of this provision.

2. Profane, obscene, inappropriate, explicit, pornographic, and disruptive material of any kind - including masked profanity where symbols, initials, intentional misspellings, or other characters are used to suggest profane language - is strictly prohibited.

  • Threats, personal attacks, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, or inflammatory language, or stalking or harassment of any individual, entity or organization is strictly prohibited.
  • Discriminatory or hateful speech of any kind regarding age, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not to engage in any spamming or excessive posting, or submit content that is disruptive, off-topic, deliberately intended to have a negative impact on the SAE Services or its users, or otherwise interfere with the ability of others to enjoy or comfortably use the SAE Services.

3. Common Courtesy, Complaints and Etiquette

  • Do not post any personal or identifying information about another person, including addresses, email addresses, contact information, or phone numbers, and use care in posting your personal or identifying information.
  • Maintain courtesy and follow good posting etiquette. Posting with ALL CAPS, HTML tags, or excessive typographic symbols may result in your post being removed.
  • Include a signature tag on all messages. Include your name, affiliation and location.
  • Do not engage in disruptive, antisocial or destructive acts, including "flaming," "spamming" and "trolling," as those terms are commonly understood.
  • Only send a message to the entire list when it contains information from which everyone can benefit.
  • Do not send administrative messages, such as 'remove me from the list.' Instead, use the web interface to change your settings or remove yourself from a list.

4. Solicitations and promotions and other commercial use

  • Posting unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes, or using automated means, including spiders, robots, crawlers, data-mining tools, or other means to download data from the SAE Services is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not obtain email address of SAE Services users with the intent to contact them directly to promote your business or services without express consent and approval of the users you are contacting.
  • Use caution when discussing products. Posted information is available for all to see, and comments are subject to libel, slander and antitrust laws.

5. Copyright and intellectual property violations

  • Infringement on any party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity or privacy, is strictly prohibited and is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • By submitting any content to the SAE Services, you warrant and represent that you are the copyright owner of the content or that the copyright owner of the content has granted you permission to use such content consistent with the manner and purpose of your use.
  • Using the SAE Services to distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted material, including photos, artwork, text, recordings, designs, computer programs, or derivative works of such programs is strictly prohibited and subject to removal.