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ITC Consultant Travel Expense Policy

This travel policy applies to all U.S and International Consultants that travel on business for SAE ITC. The document establishes procedures for Consultants to follow when business travel occurs. SAE ITC will reimburse Consultants for reasonable expenses incurred while traveling on business for SAE ITC. 

SAE ITC permits choices in booking travel arrangements including air, hotel and car. Such choices include the following three options:

  1. Using your own travel agency
  2. Direct with an airline, hotel or car rental agency
  3. Via any internet travel site. 

Air Travel

Consultants are to book the lowest logical coach or economy class airfare at the time of reservation for domestic or international flights. Consultant should try booking air travel well enough in advance to obtain a reasonably priced airfare. If advance approval is obtained, the Consultant can use an alternate mode of transportation and expenses incurred while in transit may be reimbursable but may not exceed what the cost of airfare would have been. Any special discount airfares with cancellation penalties must be approved by SAE ITC prior to their purchase.

Driving Destinations (Private Automobile/Rental Car)

SAE ITC normally requires Consultants to drive to business appointments that involve shorter distances. However, before making the final decision to drive, travelers should select the least expensive cost to SAE ITC after calculating the fly versus drive expenses, along with costs for car, hotel, parking, and any other potential expenses. 

The Consultant may drive, either by using his/her own private automobile, or by using a rental car. However, before making the final decision to use his/her own private automobile, travelers should select the least expensive cost to SAE ITC after calculating the cost of using his/her own private automobile versus the use of a rental car.

Mileage reimbursement for the use of a private automobile will coincide with current IRS guidelines. Fuel when using a private vehicle is covered by the mileage reimbursement and should not be submitted for reimbursement. Consultants are expected to maintain adequate automotive insurance and, as such, assume full responsibility for all liabilities associated with such use.

For rental cars, SAE ITC will cover the cost of a rental car (mid-size or standard size) plus fuel for the rental car. When renting a car, the Consultant must have a valid driver’s license and provide proof of insurance. Personal auto insurance should cover liability and personal injury, however the Consultant may want to verify his/her coverage prior to their trip. With these proper coverages in place, the insurance offered by the rental company should be waived. Consultants are required to reserve the lowest cost rental in the car size requested, regardless of whether on/off airport premises and regardless of the rental company offered. Any damage to the rental car must be covered under the Consultant’s own automobile insurance. SAE ITC is not responsible for any physical damage to the rental vehicle while in the Consultant’s possession.

Tolls and parking will also be reimbursed for private or rental car.

Overnight Accommodations

Single rooms at moderately priced hotels are considered appropriate accommodations. Cost is usually determined upon the city and location so approximately $100.00 - $150.00 per night can be used as a guide. All hotel rooms should be guaranteed by credit card. SAE ITC approval prior to travel is required for hotels which exceed the SAE ITC preferred rates. Hotel room cancellations are the responsibility of the Consultant. Original receipts* from the hotel outlining details of the stay are required for reimbursement. 

Transportation to and from Destination Airport

For reimbursement purposes, the origin of travel is the Consultant’s work location or personal residence, whichever occurs last. SAE ITC will cover airport parking and reimburse mileage expense for distance traveled to and from the airport when using a personal vehicle. Check with SAE ITC if you incur an expense not mentioned in this guideline. It is the Consultant’s responsibility to gain approval for any questionable expenses.

Travel Pay for Non-Exempt

For U.S. and International non-exempt Consultants who are required to travel for work will be paid for such travel time in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. If the Consultant is traveling during normal work hours (9-5, M-F) they will be paid their regular rate. However, if the worker is traveling on nights and weekends, the Consultant will be compensated at the minimum wage rate per the location in which they reside.  The origin of travel is the Consultant’s work location or personal residence, whichever occurs last. All time spent for such travel is counted as work time. If the Consultant is required to travel out of town, the time is compensable when travel occurs during normal working hours. For travel on a non-work day, if the travel occurs during normal working hours, the time is compensable. Any portion of authorized travel time that takes place outside the normal work hours is not compensable unless the Consultant is engaging in work. If traveling between time zones, the time in which the Consultant departs will be used to calculate the hours worked. State and local regulations will also be considered when applicable. Travel time between hotel and worksite is considered normal commuting time and is not eligible for compensation.


Meal costs, not to exceed $75.00/day (including tips), are covered. Original receipts* or original hotel bills must be submitted in which these expenses are listed.

Non-Reimbursed Expenses

Some expenses that SAE ITC will not reimburse are alcoholic beverages, movies (in-hotel or in-flight), traffic violations/fines, personal entertainment, dry cleaning, spouse or guest costs, and no-show fees. This is not an exhaustive list and other personal items or expenses may not be reimbursable.

Personal Property

Consultants are responsible for their own personal property while traveling on SAE ITC business. SAE ITC will not reimburse for stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed personal property.

To receive reimbursement, original* receipts as outlined in this document must be submitted.


An original receipt is required for any expenditure, no matter what the purpose. Expenses without an original receipt will not be reimbursed.

Original receipts are needed for reimbursement of meals, parking, hotel, and, if a paper airline ticket was used. If an electronic airline ticket was booked, SAE ITC will accept a forwarded e-mail receipt, or a computer printed receipt. The receipt page must indicate that the ticket was paid for with a credit card. Most of the on-line sites will list on their receipt page the type of credit card used (Mastercard, VISA, American Express…). Note that most times this payment information does not show on a “Confirmation” or “Itinerary” page, so SAE ITC asks that you find and forward the “Receipt” page. SAE ITC will accept a faxed receipt copy from a car rental company. If submitting mileage for reimbursement, please submit a breakdown of miles traveled to and from the work destination or event. This could be the total mileage experienced, the to and from locations, or even a map between locations detailing the travel.