ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit

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December 8-9, 2020

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The US NHTSA’s goal of zero auto fatalities is pushing the auto industry to move towards additional Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) with the penultimate goal of fully Automated Driving. 

The ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit will help vet industry needs and solutions that are affordable for consumers and profitable for car makers. The ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit will address the recent advancements in connectivity, system engineering and machine learning systems that are transforming ADAS and automated vehicle systems research creating a new era of integrated and cooperative automated driving.

While the system complexity to achieve this is technically daunting, it also creates an open range of solutions from the entire supplier community. OEMs are spending millions of dollars annually to tackle the technological issues critical to implementing a systems level approach to vehicle safety required by government regulations and consumer demand. Meanwhile, SAE continues the development of additional standards to compliment the J3016 activities to ensure that these vehicles are safe for the consumer. 

SAE's J3016 Standard and ADAS to Automated Digital Summit

The ADAS to Automated Driving Digital Summit follows the Framework of SAE's J3016 Standard and builds on presentations and panels focused on the current state of OEM strategies and development for active safety and automated systems along with near and long-term technology solutions in development by the tier suppliers for advanced driver assist systems.

The Summit It is also designed to share with industry the roadblocks and challenges for the next two vehicles cycles that OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 will contend. Lastly, it will address the technical, regulatory and legal ramifications of moving from driver in the loop to fully autonomous vehicles that can change the course of vehicle development.

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