In-Person | March 15-17, 2022 | Pasadena, California
Digital Summit | March 22-24, 2022 | Online

5G, VIoT, and Smart Mobility

  • The 5G, VIoT, and Smart Mobility track focuses on connectivity in multiple modes of mobility (air, ground, space, and cyber) and highlights key enablers, including the Internet of Things and 5G, which are credited as being the links that connect emerging technologies and helping to usher in the digital age of aviation, smart transportation, and the future of mobility. Topics of discussion can include: IoT, 5G, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), automated vehicles, autonomy, data, edge computing, cybersecurity, smart cities, infrastructure, communications, connectivity, and more.
  • Panel: 5G in Aviation (AeroTech Digital Summit, March 22-24)
  • Panel: 5G and Edge Computing
  • Panel: Advanced Communications Enabling Smart Cities and Smart Transportation