AEROTECH® Americas

March 26-28, 2019 │ Charleston, SC, USA

Hotel information

Embassy Suites

5055 International Blvd.
North Charleston, SC 29418

Driving directions and transportation

Alert: Room Reservations

SAE International and our housing partners do not solicit hotel room reservations via telephone, email, or fax. Any claims by any company stating otherwise are not true. Please be sure you are booking directly through the links on this page or directly with a specific property.

Message to Attendees

The success of SAE AeroTech® Americas Meeting depends on registrants and exhibitors using contracted AeroTech Americas hotels to offset the sizable cost of producing the meeting. In general, hotels require groups to fill at minimum 90% of the contracted number of hotel rooms at their property. If we do not meet that minimum, we are required to pay for that empty room at the standing nightly hotel rate. This is called an attrition fee. Unfilled rooms can cost the meeting thousands of dollars. Not only do these financial penalties hurt the current year’s conference, but the future meetings cannot negotiate as beneficial a hotel contract. In both cases, the registration fee is then under pressure to increase.

What if we don’t contract for sleeping rooms? Attendees will pay more to stay at the conference hotel. The hotel will not hold a block of rooms for attendees, which may leave some people quite a distance from the conference venue.

Please support the meeting and SAE International by staying at the contracted hotels!