AEROTECH® Americas

March 26-28, 2019 │ Charleston, SC, USA

AeroTech Americas - Video Highlights

Open Keynotes

What if the Future is Electric? How is your Company Hedging Against Technological Disruption?

Jason Chua, Executive Director–Advanced Projects, United

Flying Cars - Will you have one in your garage?

Moderator:  Mark Moore, Uber Elevate

Sanjay Dhall, Detroit Flying Cars
Gwen Lighter, GoFly
Felipe Varon, Varon Vehicles Corp.
Stephen Tibbitts, Zeva Aero

Supersonic Commercial Transport

Moderator:  Courtney Howard, SAE International

Peter Iosifides, Lockheed Martin
Robbie Cowart, Gulfstream
Laura Smith, Collins Aerospace