AeroTech Americas Congress & Exhibition

March 26-28, 2019 │ Charleston, SC, USA

Special events

The Hangar

Experience the future of the aerospace industry in “The Hangar.” This new event will be featured in the center of the exhibit hall floor, which promises to deliver pioneers and thought leaders from a spectrum of industries who convey technology, ideas, and concepts that go beyond traditional aerospace.

Engage with forward-thinking engineers representing all specialty fields—from materials and manufacturing to avionics, industrial and electrical—as well as ancillary industries that share an interest in aerospace to gain technical insight and thought-leading developments in the industry.

Touching on key issues facing the industry—from development of new aircraft and UAV technology to budget constraints and environmental regulations—The Hangar features programs that are focused on visions of the future of aerospace technology, as well as topics that can be transferred to aerospace engineering practices and application.

With rotating features, see what’s new at The Hangar each day!

Flight Deck

A small theater gives attendees unprecedented interaction with new technology from exhibitors. The venue accommodates interactive and one-on-one engineering innovation presentations where engineers and suppliers can discuss the latest mobility products.

Pitch Pit Launch Pad

Experience the future of aerospace in the new Pitch Pit Launch Pad. Located on the show floor, entrepreneurship at its most innovative is showcased in a new, unique venue. Exhibitors have the invaluable opportunity to win over top executives and buyers in the aerospace industry with their newest products and up-and-coming innovations.