Your Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security and Additive Manufacturing in Commercial Aviation

In the world of mobility engineering, change it is not only inevitable, but it is occurring at light speed.

At SAE International, we strive to meet the challenges of those changes – today and tomorrow. In fact, the aerospace industry depends on SAE to be at the forefront of change.

As the global leader in educating mobility professionals to enable solutions, SAE International offers valuable insight into two key areas needed to move the aerospace industry forward: Additive Manufacturing and Cyber Security.

  • Additive Manufacturing for Designers: A Primer
    • This paper discusses many topics needed to gain a holistic understanding of the many micro and macro components of the world of Additive Manufacturing.
  • Commercial Aviation and Cyber Security: A Critical Intersection
    • This paper discusses the critical need to evaluate cyber security during the design of new aircraft, in air traffic control systems, or in selection of suppliers, and covers the impact of a cyber-attack on commercial aviation.


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