Brake Colloquium & Exhibition – 42nd Annual

Grapevine, Texas | September 15 - 18, 2024

Where Innovation Meets the Road: Exploring the Future of Braking Technology

At the 42nd Brake Colloquium & Exhibition, we are your gateway to the forefront of braking technology and innovation. With a rich history spanning over four decades, the brightest minds in the braking industry gather, creating a platform where ideas are cultivated, and partnerships thrive.

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Fireside Chat

SAE has invited Brian Hagman to sit down with David Kidd in a Fireside chat format to talk about critical technology, consumer acceptance and regulation that will have impact on those working on safety systems for the automotive industry. Specific discussion will be on AEB and automation as David is the architect of IIHS’s newest AEB ratings program. Come hear this nuanced conversation over coffee on Monday morning insight piece authored by Kidd that is relevant to the topic of the fireside chat. We believe that this will enhance the experience for the brake engineer attending the colloquium.

The Brake Colloquium is the primary annual event for the braking industry in the US/North America space. This event brings the broadest possible audience together for a few days that otherwise would not meet annually. It is our most impactful event of the year for maintaining relationships with existing partners and cultivating new opportunities that simply could not materialize otherwise.”
– Rob Mangan, LINK Engineering Company

BC600 Tutorial: Introduction to AI & ML- Basic concepts and practical applications across industries with a focus on brake systems

The AI tutorial is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Throughout the session, the speaker will clarify basic terminologies associated with AI and ML, ensuring participants develop a solid understanding of these key concepts. Additionally, the speaker will present an overview of the current landscape of AI and ML technologies, highlighting their widespread applications across various sectors.

There will be an in-depth exploration of the different types of AI and ML algorithms. Participants will learn about the distinctions and functionalities of these algorithms, gaining insight into how they can be strategically implemented in diverse scenarios. The speaker will also address "threats" such as overfitting/underfitting and the size of the dataset, importance for data quality. This discussion will help the audience understand that the effectiveness of AI and ML techniques is contingent upon certain requirements and rules. This segment aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to identify appropriate AI and ML solutions for specific problems.

Finally, the speaker will showcase real-life use cases of AI and ML from different industries, demonstrating the practical impacts of these technologies. To connect these examples with our specific field of interest, the discussion will include a brief exploration of how AI and ML technologies can be innovatively applied in the world of brake systems. This will serve as a thought starter, sparking ideas on integrating AI and ML into our industry practices.


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Student Best Presentation Competition

Calling all students to share your latest interests/work/research at the SAE Brake Colloquium in Grapevine (Dallas), Texas.

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