Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 39th Annual

October 17 - 20, 2021 │ Orlando, Florida or Online

The Braking Community Grows Here

New Brake Technology. New Event Format. Double the Networking Opportunities.

The 39th annual Brake Colloquium & Exhibition (BRAKE) remains the preeminent gathering place for brake professionals from around the globe. Nowhere else can you experience the science and technology of brakes coming together, network with experts in the community to help solve critical problems, and make connections that improve job performance.

Here, you will examine the latest scientific discoveries and technological innovations in brake materials, components, systems, testing, modeling, and aftermarket solutions for both the light medium duty and commercial vehicle segments.

Call for Papers Open!

Topics under consideration include:

  • Friction Materials
  • Electric / Electronic Braking
  • High Performance Brakes
  • Automotive Brakes
  • Testing and Measurement
  • Brake Fluids / Brake Hoses
  • Emissions and Environmental
  • Regulations and Standards

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NEW in 2021! Two Ways to Attend Brake Colloquium & Exhibition


  • Meet with mobility professionals involved in braking technology at socially-distanced networking events.
  • Participate the daily keynote presentations and technical sessions.
  • Spend time exploring the latest braking innovations in the exhibit hall.
  • Meet future partners and good friends during face-to-face networking events and hallway conversations
  • Enjoy the benefits of being back at an on-site event where you can participate live in critical industry discussions
  • Revel in the return to live events with special events including evening receptions
  • Get replay access to any of the livestreamed discussions after the event.
  • Stream the free pre-event webcast from your home or office.


  • Connect with mobility professionals involved braking technology on our advanced digital platform during designated online networking events.
  • Livestream the daily keynotes and participate in select technical sessions.
  • Chat with speakers and engage in live discussions from the live event in Orlando.
  • Meet leading suppliers in the virtual exhibit hall.
  • Get free replay access to any livestreamed discussion.
  • Stream the free, pre-event webcast from your home or office.

Keynote Speaker

John Ellis

Managing Director, Ellis & Associates

Presentation Title: Transportation 2.0 – No Braking Required

Presentation Abstract:

As Sir Isaac Newton observed, an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Since 1886, when Karl Benz patented the first gasoline powered automobile, that outside force has been a brake, giving rise to an incredible and powerful automotive brake industry. With the explosion today of all sorts of new vehicles moving people and goods, from dockless scooters and personal delivery devices, to drones and urban air taxis, how do these vehicles stop? And what does that mean for the automotive brake industry?

Join us as we explore a "No Brakes Required" world.


John Ellis is a top technology and futurist keynote speaker, best-selling author, and expert in new and emerging transportation technology. His work in the field inspired the book The Zero Dollar Car: How the Revolution in Big Data will Change Your Life, a #1 Amazon Best Seller (Auto Industry Book). For the past 25 years, he has been the managing director of the industry consulting firm JTE Consulting.

John speaks around the world about how data—from cars and all kinds of devices—will transform industries, business models, and our lives. As a former executive at Motorola and Global Technologist at Ford Motor Company, he led or participated in teams that built many of the innovations we see today in connected vehicles on the ground and in the air. Since then he has helped businesses and organizations understand how technology is affecting the way they operate now and into the future.

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