SAE CyberAuto Challenge™

July 21-26, 2019 │ Warren, MI, USA

Be a Part of the Challenge

The SAE CyberAuto™ Challenge brings together students and engineers from different backgrounds, industries, and organizations to collaboratively seek new information on automotive cybersecurity. No matter your perspective of participation at CyberAuto Challenge, your experience will benefit you now and in the future:

  • High school and college students work with in-service vehicles and their production code, software stacks, and internal electronics
  • Automotive engineers learn new ways to think about vehicle security and safety
  • Government officials gain new perspectives about vehicle security and safety while engaging one-on-one with the next generation of cyber professionals
  • Researchers developing emerging techniques to find real solutions to cybersecurity challenges and engage the next generation cyber-auto engineers.

A Student’s Perspective

"Thank you for putting the time and effort in to make this experience possible; I truly think it changed my life. Being able to be in a community that not only understands but values the knowledge/cares about topics that seem to be looked strangely upon in the outside world was something I have wanted to experience for years and had a big impact on my views of future life paths. I definitely have found a future life path and new hobby with automotive cybersecurity; there is no way I will be able to leave something like that behind. The opportunity to see years (it’s a long time in my perspective) of research and experimentation all come together in a way that can make a real difference is another thing I have wanted for my entire life.
To sum it all up: thank you. That five days of the CyberAuto Challenge changed my life.”

–Vanya Gorbachev, 2018 CyberAuto Challenge participant

Submit Your Application

Like Vanya, your own experience awaits at the 2019 CyberAuto Challenge. As a participant, you’ll develop skills, add to your resume, and build networks and experiences that will last well past your five days at CyberAuto.

  • Learn about automotive cybersecurity and increase your technical skills in CAN protocols and programming
  • Showcase your teambuilding and leadership skills in front of the potential employers in the OEM community
  • Start creating a network with professionals in engineering, security, development and research.

Participants are limited for the CyberAuto Challenge. Here is how you can apply today:

  1. Complete your application to participate as a student.
  2. Submit two supporting references.
  3. Complete preparatory educational screening sessions online.

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Important Dates


  • Application Deadline: May 15
  • Online courses and testing: May 15–June 3
  • Selection notifications released:  June 7