Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition

December 17-19, 2018 │ Tampa, FL, USA

Defense Maintenance Competition

SAE International and The Aerospace Maintenance Council, both non-profit organizations, promote and supports the defense maintenance community. The partnership’s flagstone event, the Defense Maintenance Competition (DMC), recognizes and celebrates the defense maintenance technician and raises awareness of the knowledge and skill required to maintain safe weapons systems worldwide. The competition is held annually in conjunction with DoD Maintenance Symposium and Defense Maintenance and Logistics Exhibition.

The DMC provides an opportunity for current and future maintenance professionals to showcase their abilities and see how they stack up against peers across the country. Three-member teams complete in maintenance events intended to test skill and knowledge required of a maintenance technician.

This year’s event looks to showcase 10–15 event sponsors to challenge the technical expertise of more than 20 current and future defense maintenance professional teams. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

SAE International and the Aerospace Maintenance Council are grateful for the support that was provided for the 2017 program and are looking forward to growing the event in 2018 with industry support for competitive events.

To sign up a team to compete, contact:
Jim Sherman