SAE Demo Days

SAE Demo Days: Giving the Public Rides in a Self-Driving Car

Public acceptance is critical to the long-term success and near-term testing of self-driving cars.

SAE International, drawing on over a century of leadership in the mobility sector, created an opportunity to engage and learn from the public while documenting their experience.

SAE convened industry partners and executed four free public self-driving car demonstrations to date – called SAE Demo Days, allowing the public to experience the technology first-hand and to foster informed decision-making while capturing insights into public sentiment.

SAE Demo Days Experience and Survey

While each demo is customized, there are 4 main elements: a pre- and post-ride survey, the ride in a self-driving car, engagement with interactive displays and a chat with experts.

The data from all four demos was compiled to create a discussion starter for industry, regulators, technology suppliers, vehicle makers and others impacted by self-driving technology and those seeking to understand public sentiment.

This data is unique as it combines a participant’s experience in a self-driving car and face-to-face engagement in the field.

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What are people saying?

Watch riders share their experience: children, a 91-year old, a visually impaired person, a person with a mobility disability.

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We are making headlines!

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Demo Overview

What is this all about?

Click to see details about the demos, where we’ve been, vehicle providers, participating partners, photos and more.

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Survey Data Visualization

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To learn more about SAE Demo Days and ways you can get involved, contact:

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