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SAE Demo Days Survey: Public Perceptions & Preferences for Self-Driving Cars

Public acceptance is critical to the long-term success and near term testing of self-driving cars.

The data from all four demos was compiled to create a discussion starter for industry, regulators, technology suppliers, vehicle makers and others impacted by self-driving technology and those seeking to understand public sentiment.

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SAE Releases Survey Data from Demo Rides

Over the last two years, SAE International conducted four free public AV demonstrations  to allow members of the public to experience rides in an AV. These demonstration days took place in Los Angeles, Tampa, Babcock Ranch in Florida, and Detroit. Survey data was collected from close to 1,400 riders with a total of over 2,000 rides given. While the sample population went into the demos with a high degree of enthusiasm for AVs, the experience increases their enthusiasm – with 88% of post-ride surveys indicating enthusiasm for AVs.

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Consumers want to maintain control of AVs: survey

Drivers are overwhelmingly ready for self-driving vehicles, but want to maintain some level of control over the cars, according to a survey from SAE International released this week.

The survey found 82% of respondents are enthusiastic about self-driving cars. More than three-quarters (76%) of respondents said a self-driving experience is similar or superior to a traditional human-driven experience, however 92% said they'd want the ability to control the vehicle if needed.

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The Business Case for Mobility Services - Autoline This Week 2330

Automakers are rushing into a new business opportunity called mobility services. It involves ride hailing, ride sharing, electric scooters and e-bikes. It could even involve passenger drones. But so far no one is making any money on this. So the question is: is there a business case for mobility services?

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Americans Love Self-Driving Cars but Are Unwilling to Relinquish Control: Survey

The world is gearing for the day when fully driverless cars will take to the streets safely. Automakers are heavily testing for that day and, as a new survey reveals, people are burning with anticipation for it. They just don’t want to relinquish control over their car yet.

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SAE study reveals enthusiasm about self-driving cars

SAE International released the results of its SAE Demo Days Survey, finding "overwhelming public enthusiasm about self-driving cars." Based on data from nearly 1400 participants at four SAE Demo Days events, 82% were initially enthusiastic for self-driving cars, with nearly 10% of participants reporting higher enthusiasm post-ride.

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Consumers Like Autonomous Cars, But Don’t Want To Totally Hand Over Control

An SAE International survey reveals general support for autonomous cars among people who have ridden in one. However, most consumers still prefer to not let the car operate completely on its own, but rather share control with it.

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SAE Consumer Autonomous Driving Study Finds… Public Acceptance?

With the realities of autonomous driving growing increasingly apparent, the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) decided to conduct a survey to gauge public sentiment surrounding the technology. We’ve seen these studies before, noticing a lack of consistency. While several high-profile accidents relating to autonomous (or semi-autonomous) systems have clearly shaken people’s confidence over the last two years, we’re still seeing conflicting reports — and we don’t mean minor discrepancies, either.

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SAE survey: Riding in automated vehicle reinforces positive perceptions

SAE surveyed participants in its pioneering automated-vehicle ride-along program. The experience reinforced acceptance of the automated-driving experience.

If there’s one takeaway from SAE International’s groundbreaking Demo Days program that took place in various U.S. cities over 18 months, it’s that everyday people who’ve had the opportunity to ride in an automated vehicle (AV) on real roads are the antithesis of Chaucer’s familiar phrase, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

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Consumers prefer to share control with self-driving vehicles, SAE says

While automakers pour investments into deploying fully autonomous technology, most consumers still prefer to share control with the car, according to an SAE International survey on public perceptions and preferences for AVs.

Seventy-three percent of SAE survey respondents preferred to share control with their vehicle, the survey found. An overwhelming 92 percent of respondents said it is a requirement to be able to activate an emergency stop function in a self-driving car.

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SAE Gauges Public’s View of AV Technology

An SAE International survey reveals general support for autonomous cars among people who have ridden in one.

The automotive-industry group surveyed 1,395 participants who took more than 2,000 rides in self-driving cars between November 2017 and April 2019 in Los Angeles, Detroit and two locations in Florida. Participants were surveyed both before and after riding, engaged with interactive displays and spoke with experts. Responses were weighted by age and gender.

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Study Shows Enthusiasm For Robocars, But Unwillingness To Give Up Control

Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to arrive sooner than most predictions, there’s a strong desire to retain some control over robocars and the comfort level with them is growing. Those are some of the results from the just-released SAE Demo Days Study.

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SAE Demo Day captures public perception of autonomous vehicles

With the goal of gaining insight into the public’s perception of self-driving technology, SAE International on Dec. 12-14 hosted its second “SAE Demo Day” at Babcock Ranch, a master planned community in Southwest Florida designed with sustainability in mind.

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Babcock Ranch gives self-driving car demonstrations

Babcock Ranch gives self-driving car demonstrations

People hopped inside brand new self-driving cars at Babcock Ranch Wednesday to see what the future of driving might look like.

The technology that runs these driver-less cars is very similar to the technology behind the self-driving school bus that was taken off the roads by the feds just one month ago.

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SAE brings autonomy to the public in new demonstration program

With a first-of-its-kind program that allows the public to experience traveling in a fully-automated (SAE Level 4) vehicle, SAE International was in Tampa, Florida in early May for its inaugural SAE Demo Day to gauge the public’s reaction to—and attitudes about—self-driving technology.

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