Who is SAE?

SAE International is a global association of more than 127,000 member engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. Our primary focus is, and always has been, mobility engineers—at all levels and disciplines within the supply chain; in other words, your customers. Contributing to the success of these decision makers, industry leaders, and key influencers is at the heart of our mission.

Why SAE? Because our customers are your customers.

SAE works with members of industry to produce high-quality events unmatched in their technical content and focus. Engineering professionals from every aspect of mobility come together at these events to share information and discover the means to turn challenges into opportunities. While our attendees glean useful information and discussion from the technical program, they are also seeking out partners who possess the best solutions to their challenges. They are looking for you.

As your “industry matchmaker,” we connect you with your past and current customers, while providing you with a platform from which to “wow” prospects and future customers. High-quality exhibits and sponsorships at SAE conferences and symposia put you in front of engineers, engineering managers, and industry leadership—generating engagement with, and interest in, what your company has to offer. Simply put, exhibiting at or sponsoring an SAE event produces qualified leads.


What does SAE do?

SAE is dedicated to enhancing the mobility professionals’ value to their organizations, the industry, and society with a focus on further advances in applied technology and product leadership. As the “Ultimate Knowledge Source” for mobility engineering, we maintain the largest collection of mobility engineering resources available. Over 600,000 industry professionals seek out these resources and engage with us and one another—accessing information, sharing ideas, and seeking strategic insight and perspective from industry leadership. The engagement opportunities facilitated through SAE foster collaboration among the best engineering minds in mobility. This collaboration is the impetus for continuous innovation and the design of solutions.