DoD Maintenance Symposium

December 9-12, 2019 │ Spokane, Washington, USA

2018 Breakout Sessions

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018 

Additive Manufacturing in DoD Maintenance – Realizing the Potential


Mr. Greg Kilchenstein
Director, Enterprise Maintenance Technology
Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Materiel Readiness)

Colonel Howie Marotto, USMC - presentation*
Additive Manufacturing Lead 
USMC, USMC Headquarters, Installations & Logistics (NexLog)

Ms. Tracy Frost
Director, DoD Manufacturing Technology
OUSD(Research & Engineering)

Mr. Ben Bouffard - presentation*
Additive Manufacturing Lead

Dr. Bernard Goodly - presentation*
Chief, Supply Capabilities Division
U.S. Army Materiel Command

Mr. Mark Shaw, Industry - presentation*
Government Programs Leader
GE Additive

Mr. John Hedke - presentation*

Kelly Visconti - presentation*
Supporting Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Supply Support for Weapon System Sustainment – Is it all About the Data?


Ms. Dee Reardon
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics)
Office of the Secretary of Defense

Major General Mark K. Johnson, USAF 
Director of Logistics Operations (J3), Defense Logistics Agency

Ms. Renee Mosher - presentation*
Deputy Chief of Staff G 3-4 for Logistics Integration
Army Materiel Command

Ms. Lynn Kohl
Vice Commander
Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support

Mr. Dennis D'Angelo - presentation*
448th Supply Chain Management Wing

Mr. Jeffrey Allen
Director of Landing Gear Performance Based Logistics
AAR Corp

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Strategies for Strengthening the DoD Organic Manufacturing Industrial Base


Ms. Sara V. Keller
Deputy Director of Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection, and Nuclear Integration 
Air Force Materiel Command

Brigadier General Chris Hill, USAF 
Commander, Oklahoma Air Logistics Complex

Colonel Ken Letcher, USA
Rock Island Arsenal-Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center

Captain Howard B. Markle, USN
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Maintaining Our Nation's Defense Capability


Rich Frey 
Logistics Management Specialist 
Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Materiel Readiness)

Dr. Nelson Williams 
Chief, Sustainment Maintenance Division 

Mr. Gene Pierce 
Chief, Depot Maintenance Integration 

Lieutenant Colonel Hubert, USMC 
LPC-1 Section Head 

Mr. Dan Schrader 
Depot Maintenance Policy and Reporting 
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Mr. Jay Berry 
LMI Senior Consultant, Sustainment

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Maintenance Innovation Challenge


Green Wet Blasting Technology for Maintenance, - presentation*
Repair, and Overhaul of DoD Components 
Frederick A. Greis, Wet Technologies Inc.

Laser Ablation and Naval Maintenance Applications - presentation*
Janice Bryant, NAVSEA Tactical Innovation Implementation Lab, 
and Susan L. Sprentall, SurClean, Inc.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Tooling and Testing Equipment - presentation*
Martin Williams, US Air Force, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, 
76th Commodities Maintenance Group, REACT

Repository of Additive Parts for Tactical & Operational - presentation*
Readiness (RAPTOR) equals Readiness 
Timothy Phillis, United States Army Armament Research, 
Development and Engineering

Robotic Automation for Environment, Safety, - presentation*
and Occupational Health (ESOH) Risk Reduction, 
Throughput Increase, and Improved Quality 
Shane Groves, US Air Force

Using Multi-Pole Magnetic Technology to Improve - presentation*
Productivity, Quality and Safety 
Jim Michael, Maglogix, LLC

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Recruiting, Developing and Retaining an Effective Organic Industrial Base Maintenance Workforce


Mr. Kevin D. Stamey
Executive Director
Air Force Sustainment Center, Air Force Materiel Command

Rear Admiral Stephen Williamson, USN
Deputy Commander
Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations 
Naval Sea Systems Command

Brigadier General Chris Hill, USAF
Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex

Mr. David Clifton
Executive Deputy
Marine Corps Logistics Command

Mr. Martin Ahmad 
Deputy Commander for Fleet Readiness Centers & Director 
of Industrial Operations, Naval Air Systems Command

Mr. Terance Battle - presentation*
Acting Director, Maintenance Policy, Programs and Processes, 
Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (G-4)

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Software Maintenance/Sustainment: Delivering Assured Warfighter Capability Across the Life Cycle Objective


Mr. Michael H McLendon - presentation*
Associate Director
Software Solutions, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Jeff Boleng - presentation*
Special Assistant for Software Acquisition
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment

Dr. Bill Scherlis - presentation*
Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University

Mr. Richard Jack - presentation*
Chief Engineer, C4ISR
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific

Mr. Richard Kutter - presentation*
Technical Advisor, Embedded Computer Systems and Software
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Ms. Danielle Moyer - presentation*
Deputy Director
Software Engineering Center, Communications and Electronics Command

Over All Panel Summary - presentation*

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018

Opinions Are Interesting - Analyzing "Big Data" Is Illuminating


Mr. Eric F. Herzberg - presentation*
Principle, LMI

Colonel Quentin Noriega, USA - presentation*
Director, U.S. Army Materiel Command Logistics Support Activity

Ms. Kim M. Brown - presentation*
Chief, Systems Integration Division, Air Force Materiel Command

Mr. Todd Stiefler 
General Manager, Military Digital Solutions 
GE Aviation

Mr. Nicholas Lanham 
Operations Research Analyst 
Naval Center for Cost Analysis

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018

Accelerating Execution of Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)


Mr. Steve Morani
Director of Logistics
Air Force Sustainment Center

Brigadier General Steven Bleymaier, USAF - presentation*
Director of Logistics Engineering and Force Protection
Air Mobility Command

Brigadier General Thomas Todd, III, USA
Program Executive Officer, Aviation
Program Executive Office, Aviation

Brigadier General David Maxwell, USMC
Assistant Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (Plans)
Installations and Logistics

Mr. Jim Kenny - presentation*
Director for Marine Engineering, Naval Sea Systems Command

Mr. Roy Harris
Director of Aviation Readiness and Resources Analysis Department
Naval Air Systems Command

Mr. Nick Lappos
Senior Fellow Emeritus
Lockheed Martin

Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018

Resilient, Agile and Distributed Sustainment Operations


Mr. Bruce Busler, 
Director, Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center

Heidi Hoyle - presentation*

Rear Admiral John Polowczyk, USN 
Vice Director, Joint Staff

Rear Admiral Larry Jackson, USN (Ret)

Captain Bobby Barakat, USN

Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018

From Tired Iron to Increased Readiness and Lethality


Mr. Robert P Ernst - presentation*
Chief Engineer, Tactical Unmanned Aviation
Naval Air Systems Command

Mr. Mario Nieto
Deputy Director, Field Support Operations
U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Command

Mr. Bill R Barnes - presentation*
Deputy System Program Manager, B-1/B-52 Bombers s
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Mr. John J. Murphy 
Chief Engineer, Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program 
Naval Sea Systems Command

Mr. Travis McBurnett - presentation*
Director, F/A-18 Sustainment