DoD Maintenance Symposium

December 9-12, 2019 │ Spokane, Washington, USA

Technical Program: Tuesday, December 10

Opening Plenary Session

8:00-10:00 a.m. │ Ballroom 100 A-C



OSD Opening - DASD (MR)
Mr. Steven Morani
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Materiel Readiness

Global Conditions Keynote
Pete Steen * presentation
Department of Defense

DoD Keynote
Lt Gen Warren D. Berry
USAF, Headquarters U.S. Air Force

Industry Keynote
Mr. John Holmes
AAR Corporation

Tuesday Keynote Presentations

Global Conditions Keynote - Pete Steen

DoD Keynote - Lt Gen Warren D. Berry

Industry Keynote Speaker: Mr. John Holmes

Bridging the Gap between Legacy and Next Generation Systems to Ensure Performance and Continuity of Capability

10:30-11:45 a.m. │ Ballroom 100 A-C


Provide senior leadership perspectives, approaches, and guidance to ensure continuity of capability as key warfighting capabilities are modernized.

The 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) demands urgent change at significant scale. For the Department’s acquisition and sustainment community, the NDS emphasizes the obligation to deliver and maintain continuity of capability while under persistent multi-domain attack. Warfighting capability is provided through portfolio sets that encompass precision strike, nuclear force employment, forward maneuver, and a number of other critical domains. The complex lifecycles of the weapon systems must be managed strategically to bring the required capability to the fight. Simply put, the Department must ensure the continuity of a specific warfighting capability by maintaining sufficient availability of a significant number of legacy weapon systems, without increased cost, while concurrently developing, testing, fielding and delivering full operational capability of modernized and next generation systems. This senior panel will address the issues, challenges, and way ahead for ensuring no gaps in capability while key warfighting capabilities are modernized.


Moderator: Ms. Sara Keller, Deputy Director, Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection and Nuclear Integration, Air Force Materiel Command


  • Major General Joseph Shrader, USMC, Commanding General, Marine Corps Logistics Command *presentation
  • Maj Gen Allan Day, USAF, Director of Logistics Operations, Defense Logistics Agency *presentation
  • Ms. Renee' Mosher, Deputy Chief of Staff, Supply Chain Management Directorate, G3, Army Materiel Command *presentation
  • Mr. Kevin Kirkpatrick, Vice President, Fighter & Mobility Programs, Pratt & Whitney
  • Mr. Evan Miller, Director, Sustainment Operations, Lockheed Martin

The Sustainment Enterprise Metrics Dashboard — Status, Value-Added, and Way Forward

2:00-4:00 p.m. │ Room 111 B-C


Highlight an initiative that is driving an authoritative and standard DoD-wide metrics and analytical approach to produce improvements in the sustainment enterprise. Provide information regarding the development, status, and potential of the Sustainment Enterprise Metrics Dashboard (SEMD).

Information asymmetry drives the need for a superordinate and authoritative set of metrics that provide simplified, common sustainment vernacular across the Department. A common and aligned metrics set facilitates correlations and comparisons among operational requirements, readiness drivers, program costs, and sustainment enablers that are often difficult to establish. A panel will discuss the SEMD, which was developed through the Department’s Logistics Reform Initiative to support specific user communities: 1) top-tier OSD and Service leaders who are interested in leveraging decision-quality information to support materiel availability requirements; 2) DASD and Service functional or agency staff who use business intelligence from the SEMD to assess perfor-mance, monitor program costs, and link resources to operational readiness; and 3) DASD, Service, and agency action officers and subject matter experts who leverage SEMD productivity and performance data and metrics to create solutions to availability and cost challenges.

The audience will take away key messages from these user communities as well as a synthesized perspective on the value-added and way forward for the SEMD. Participants may also help determine if this nascent capability can drive unity of effort to address materiel availability issues and produce required weapon system readiness.


Moderator: Mr. Michael P. Hynes, Director, Data Integration and Readiness Assessments, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Materiel Readiness


  • Ms. Renee' Mosher, Deputy Chief of Staff, Supply Chain Management Directorate, G3, Army Materiel Command *presentation
  • Mr. James L. Moser, Director, Fleet Readiness, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations *presentation
  • Mr. James Ruocco, Director, Air Systems Group, Naval Air Systems Command *presentation
  • Mr. Eric Herzberg, Fellow, LMI *presentation

A Critical Lever for Moving the Needle —The Acquisition Community and How It Affects Materiel Readiness

2:00-4:00 p.m. │ Room 300 B-D


Engage the acquisition community in a discussion of what it is doing to improve materiel readiness for new and legacy weapon systems and how it directly affects the sustainment community.

The acquisition community heavily influences materiel readiness outcomes and the sustainment community. In this breakout session, members of the acquisition community will discuss what they are doing to improve materiel readiness for new and legacy weapon systems, including designing for reliability, maintainability, and supportability; developing product support strategies; enabling field and depot levels of maintenance; and upholding the program manager’s role as the lifecycle manager from pre-acquisition through disposal. This is an opportunity for the audience to interact and highlight the operational sustainment concerns to acquisition professionals.


Moderator: Mr. Vernon Wallace, Product Support Management Learning Director, DAU, Logistics and Sustainment Center


  • Ms. Lynn Kohl, Vice Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and Weapon Systems Support *presentation
  • Colonel James M. Stephens, USA, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Product Support), Office of the Secretary of Defense

  • Ms. Shirley J. Franko, Director Strategic Sustainment Plans & Policy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Sustainment) *presentation

  • Mr. Forrest W. Collier, Deputy Project Manager Apache Attack Helicopter, PEO Aviation *presentation

  • Mr. Jack R. Olinick, Assistant Program Executive Officer Land Systems for Acquisition Logistics and Product Support, PEO Land Systems *presentation
  • Mr. Woodrow M. Payton, F/A-18-F and E/A-18G Product Support Manager, PEO Tactical Aircraft Programs