DoD Maintenance Symposium

Next Generation Materiel Readiness Forged through Data Advantage, Technology, and Innovation

December 12-15, 2022 | Orlando, FL


Associated Meetings


USMC Cross Commodity Meetings

The Marine Corps will host numerous associated meetings at the Maintenance Symposium. The Marines and civilians from various levels in HQMC, Systems Command, Logistics Command, Supporting Organizations, Formal Learning Centers, and the Operating forces will represent the Engineering, Motor Transport, Ground Electronics Maintenance, Ground Ordnance, and Maintenance Management Military Occupational Specialties. The USMC will conduct cross commodity working group meetings with the intent to incorporate more innovation ideas, best practices, and processes to support the operational forces. A group of subject matter experts from each commodity will come together for this three-day brain storming session to collectively discuss enterprise issues and find solutions to resolve specific issues. These meetings will have presenters from the Program Offices, Occupational Field Sponsors/Managers, and industry's "Best in Practice" representatives providing demonstrations and updates as they pertain to maintaining the Marine Corps Ground Combat Equipment. The working group will kick off meeting collectivity, then disperse into their separate commodities.


2022 Department of Defense Corrosion Prevention and Control Forum

The Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) Forum provides an opportunity for CPC technical experts and stakeholders from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, each of the Military Departments, and across the Defense industrial base to engage on the corrosion challenges throughout the DoD.  Furthermore, conducting the CPC Forum in conjunction with the DoD Maintenance Symposium will also provide an opportunity for the corrosion technical community to interact and network with members of maintenance community.

A focus of the December meeting is to kick-off a technical exchange with the German Ministry of Defense Corrosion subject matter experts to explore opportunities for future collaboration on corrosion prevention research and technologies.


Workshop on Discussion of Best Practices, Tools, and Resources to Expand Collaborative Business Arrangements

Expanding on the 12 Dec 2022 associated meeting on Collaborative Business Arrangements held during the previous 2019 DoD Maintenance Symposium at Spokane, WA – this workshop will examine opportunities for collaborative business arrangements in a broader context.  The workshop will start with a presenter from the U.S. Army discussing how to expand strategic collaboration to leverage industry for obtaining emerging skill sets needed to keep pace with DoD’s modernization objectives.  A follow on presenter from the U.S. Navy will then discuss an ongoing effort to expand the application of U.S. Title 10 Section 2474, Centers of Industrial Technical Excellence to a broader Product Support Provider (PSP) base. An Air Force presenter will then discuss best practices for partnering with Air Logistics Complexes.  Afterwards, a representative from Defense Micro Electronics Activity will present Public-Private Partnering (PPP) opportunities for micro-electronics.  After the presentations, a demonstration of DAU’s PPP for Strategic Business Collaboration, Community of Practice (CoP) site will follow.  Facilitators will illustrate how the CoP can be leveraged as a tool to enhance collaboration between government and industry PSPs and for sharing of best practices and lessons learned. 

The objective of this engagement is to increase awareness of the collaborative tools that can be used to increase the cooperative synergy between government and industry PSPs.  The workshop will culminate with a brief overview of DAU’s PPP on-line training course, LOG 0060, with the goal of soliciting future subject-matter-expert support to enhance the relevance of the content in support of the Defense Acquisition and Sustainment workforce.


DoD Weapon Systems Software Summit

The primary mission of the organic DoD software engineering organizations is to ensure weapon systems software and related military equipment is effective, responsive, cost-efficient, and appropriately supports military operational requirements for the warfighter.  This event and the related exhibit space brings together government, academia, and industry participants as presenters, attendees, and exhibitors.  This event provides a forum to:

  • Motivate developers and engineers to provide the best quality product to the warfighter by being able to interact with warfighters who use our software
  • Share knowledge to solve current and future issues, discuss lessons learned, initiatives and capabilities
  • Hear SECDEF/SECAF/SECARMY/SECNAV staffs share their perspectives regarding weapon systems software engineering in small group settings
  • open bi-directional discussions between OSD and the services on weapon systems software policies and their effectiveness

Each session will provide ample time for Q&A and discussion so software engineers and leaders can discuss, better, faster, and higher quality ways of developing software.

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