Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference

an SAE Sustainability Event

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Merging EV Production and Charging Infrastructure

Bringing together policy experts and mobility manufacturers

SAE’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference is the first event of its kind to bring together vehicle manufacturers, energy companies, and regional and federal government agencies. This two-day FREE online technical program will focus on infrastructure policies to support electric vehicles, how to get power back into the grid, innovations that need to be supported in the long term, and electrification goals set by the Biden administration for the next 16 months. 

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Planning EV Charging with Equity and Environmental Justice in Mind

Max Baumhefner, Senior Attorney, Climate & Clean Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
Daniella Henry, Director of Policy, Revel
Neha Palmer, CEO, TeraWatt Infrastructure
Kelly Fleming, Boundary Stone Partners: Vice President

EV Charging Management for Fleet Vehicles

Larsh Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Stem Energy
Courtney Ehrlichman, Panasonic Smart Mobility Office: Head of Strategy
Jordan Ramer, Founder, EV Connect
Kelly Fleming, Boundary Stone Partners: Vice President

AACESing Infrastructure: Why EV Charging is Core to Automated Vehicle Adoption

Jason Bittner, Principal Transportation Policy & Planning Analyst, ARA
Kelley Coyner, Leidos

The US Department of Transportation's Climate Initiatives as Related to Electric Vehicle Charging

Andrew Wishnia, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy, US DOT

SAE Office of Sustainable Energy

Michael Paras, SAE International
Frank Menchaca, Chief Growth Officer, SAE International
Holly Horner, Market Research & Concept Development Specialist, SAE International

Closing EV Workforce and Ownership Gender Gaps

Erika Myers, Global eMobility Director (Acting) at World Resources Institute

Lithium Americas: Enabling a US Battery Supply Chain

Jonathan Evans, CEO & President, Lithium Americas Corp

Considerations of Charging Infrastructure for E-micromobility

Lisa Spellman, SAE ITC Senior Business Development Manager Specialist
Christiaan van Nispen, CEO & Co-Founder, TILER
Noa Banayan, Director of Federal Affairs, People For Bikes

Solving Interoperability Challenges in the EV Industry with Future-Focused Testing and Certification

Fernando Rodriguez, VP, Strategic Development Product Testing Americas, DEKRA North America

Mining & Battery Sourcing

Nico Cuevas, CEO, Urbix Resources
Craig Shesky, CFO, The Metals Company
Bert Kaufman, Strategic positioning, policy, commercial development

Electrifying Agriculture and the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Praveen Penmetsa, CEO, Monarch Tractors

Will the Build Back Better Legislation Propel the EV Market?

Taite McDonald, Equity Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

Charging Needs for Everyday Travel

Gil Tal, Director, The Plug-in Hybrid& Electric Vehicle Research Center, UC Davis

UAM: Full Charge Ahead!

Keely Griffith, Director of Industry Education, AUVSI
David Rottblatt, Vice President of Business Development, Eve Urban Air Mobility

Tennessee Corridor Fast Charging Network

Alexa Voytek, Energy Programs Administrator, Office of Energy, Tennessee Dept of Environment & Conservation
Drew Frye, Fast Charge Tennessee 

Accelerating Pennsylvania’s Transition to Sustainable Transportation: PA Turnpike, Eaton, and Duquesne Light

Lewis Jack, Director of Facility Operations, Pennsylvania Turnpike
Brian Kennedy, Senior Vice President for Operations and Government Affairs, Pittsburgh Technology Council
John Vernacchia, Energy Transition Segment Director, Eaton
Sarah Olexsak, Senior Manager, Transportation Electrification, Duquesne Light Company

SAE's EV Charging Security PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Project

Tim Weisenberger, Program Manager of Emerging Technologies, SAE International