escar USA

June 12-13, 2019 │ Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Broaden Your Technical Knowledge Base

Covering the most pressing topics in today’s cybersecurity landscape

Amplify your technical expertise at escar USA, where you’ll benefit from the dissemination of state-of-the-art approaches to cybersecurity and a tactical information exchange addressing the mobility industry’s most critical issues. From modern in-vehicle cybersecurity threats to electronic theft protection, and from new digital business models to security standardization and economics. All the latest topics will be addressed by vetted subject-matter experts and industry leaders.

Through a mixture of invited and open solicitation talks and discussions, escar USA presents a comprehensive schedule of sessions on:

  • Cybersecurity-related engineering, formal methods, software assurance, development & validation, and security standardization
  • Cybersecurity of sensors and cyber-physical systems
  • Design of resilient vehicle architectures and applications
  • Privacy and data protection issues in vehicular settings
  • Vehicular hardware security and hardware security modules
  • Security of vehicular communications (onboard, passenger, and V2X)
  • Security of vehicle application platforms
  • Vehicle cyber intrusion detection systems, forensics, and incident response
  • Security of legally mandated applications (e.g., event data recorder, tachograph)
  • Security of automotive cloud-based infrastructure
  • Security economics
  • Security of road pricing, restricted areas access and vehicle monitoring
  • Security of vehicle theft prevention and theft response solutions
  • Security of vehicular rights control and audit (e.g., feature activation)
  • Security of emergent technologies (e.g., automated driving, electric vehicles)
  • Cybersecurity of commercial vehicles and medium-and heavy-duty trucks
  • Security of other transport systems (e.g., rail, aerospace)
  • Vehicle-related information sharing and vulnerability coordination
  • Automotive reverse engineering and penetration testing
  • Security of vehicle-driven business, maintenance, and service models