European Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference

an SAE Sustainability Event

November 9-10, 2022Now Available On-Demand

Shifting Conversations on EV Charging Infrastructure Into High Gear

Electric vehicle manufactures across the world are working at breathtaking speeds – both independently and collaboratively – to design and produce hundreds of thousands of EVs by 2030. The transition to zero is a long-term race, with many hurdles to overcome; surge in petrol prices, new regulations and goals being implemented across the continent, consumer uncertainty, and more.

Moving toward a decarbonized transportation future requires dialog and collaboration. With the right people along for the ride, the road to sustainability doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.  Join the journey as SAE International fast-tracks the future of widespread electric vehicle adoption during the free online European Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference, an SAE Sustainability Event.

This important conference will bring together hundreds of delegates representing EV companies, government, charging, and energy to help ensure all voices are being heard and that everyone is moving in the same direction in order for Europe to reach its aggressive EV benchmarks in the next decade.

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“We need SAE doing what it does best, weighing in on standards as we work to build out this national EV charging network. We need auto engineers and utilities working together to improve vehicle to grid integration so as the number of EVs on the road rise, we know that we’re going to be able to manage the demand that rises along with it. And of course, we need to hear from you about the issues that you can see, the help that you need, and the new partnerships that we can form. Because if we work together, I believe not only can we build a zero-emission transportation sector, and not only can we do our part to overcome climate change, but we can turn this challenge that we face into the greatest opportunity of our lives.”  

- Jennifer M. Granholm
Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy

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